For all types of trips, one of the best travel destinations in India is Gujarat. Everyone knows that the longest coastal line of this country lies in this state. There are also many famous caves found in Gujarat. So here we have described some major caves in Gujarat to add charm in your historical places trip.

List of famous Caves in Gujarat

Baba Pyara Caves

This cave is famously known as Bava Pyara Caves. It is situated in Junagadh of Gujarat. It is a part of Junagadh Buddhist Cave Groups. Many tourists visit this cave to explore Buddhism in Gujarat. Book your Gujarat package today and enjoy historical places trip.

Dhank Caves

In Rajkot district of Gujarat Dhank Caves situated. Jainism and Buddhist culture are found in this cave. In the 7 century A.D., the caves were engraved. In the state of Gujarat, this is the oldest rock-cut cave. Many tourists visit this cave of historical importance.

Kadia Dungar Caves

In Bharuch district of Gujarat, Kadia Dungar Caves are found. It is a group of caves and seven caves found here. In 1st and 2nd century AD, the caves were engraved.  Its vihara style of construction, monolithic lion pillars sculptures, made this cave one of the best cave in Gujarat.

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