Jain Temple in the Gujarat

The Jain temple of India is famous for its beautiful texture around the world. Let us walk you out of today’s holy Jain temples in Gujarat.

Hutheesing Temple, Ahmadabad

The Hutheesing Temple is the most famous temple of Ahmadabad. This is an excellent example of Jain architecture. There is also a unique celebrity column here.

Palitana Temple, Gujarat

It is considered the most sacred Jain temple. There are many temples here but the main temple is Lord Rishab.

Palitana Temple is situated in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat and a pilgrim place for Jainism. It is 50 km away from Bhavnagar town. Located in the south west direction. Palitana is situated in the foothills of the enemy of the enemy on the banks of the enemy Shatunjaye. There are more than 900 Jain temples here in Palitana. This Jain Temple is dedicated to 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism.

Because of its recognition, every Jain has the desire to go to the temple at least once in the hill and go to the temple. Jain people also believe that many people have attained liberation from this hill.

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