Junagadh Sightseeing Places in Gujarat

Found in the foothills of the Girnar range, Junagadh is the 7th biggest city in Gujarat. The city has an interesting combination of Buddhist historical monuments, mosques, Hindu temples, elaborate mansions and Ancient archways. Junagadh was ruled by the Babi Nawabs from 1748 AD until India’s freedom.

Being the capital of Junagadh Princely State once, the city stands out with historical significance with many historical monuments to see.

Junagadh is also very close to the Girnar Hills and the well-known Gir National Park. Capture a glance of the wild in the Sakkabaug Zoo and the Wildlife Museum. Also, visit the Girnar Hills and get a feel for the peaceful yet spiritual environment. The fort at Uperkot is another tourist magnetic.

The actual purpose of the term “Junagadh” is “old city”, the city takes its name from Uparkot, a historical fort built in the 4th millennium CE on a level at the eastern edge of the city.

A fairy tale moat, charming castles and a temple are its primary attractions today. The tinsel city still maintains the old world charm and houses several remnants way back to the medieval era. An excursion to Junagadh will allow one capture the different facets and true essence of Gujarat.

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