Kutch Tourism Gujarat

Spectacular scenery, fascinating history, a variety of tradition, colour, and enchantment-this is Kutch, the perfect host for anyone’s next holiday. Remote and strange could best sum up the Kutch experience. And yet, the place continues to be unparalleled in terms of beauty, exuberance, and colour that no one with a taste for adventure, excitement, and the unique would like to skip. Located in the westernmost part of Gujarat, Kutch becomes an island where during the monsoon months the Gulf of Kutch is divided from the Kathiawar Peninsula. To the north also, Kutch gets divided from the Sindh region of Pakistan by the great Rann of Kutch.

The Kutch area is the home of the last remaining population of khur (Asiatic wild ass) in Indian. There is also a large bird population, particularly of the large flamingos. Both are protected in the 5,000 km Little Rann Sanctuary, which is contacted from Dhangadhra; one has to get permission to enter the sanctuary superintendent’s office in Dhangadhra.

Ancient temples, eye-catching castles, rugged forts, flamingos, wild asses — you have it all in Kutch. But most of it is covered by Rann of Kutch, a shallow wetland with marshy salt flats that look like an endless mass of snow spread as far as the eye can see.

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