About Lakhota Museum

When one makes a visit to Gujarat, then he/she should visit the prominent Lakhota Museum located basically in Jamnagar. Lakhota Museum is built in a tower, the tower is known as Lakhota Palace. The collection in this museum includes artifacts spanning from 9th to 18 century, pottery from the medieval century and many such ancient valuables. The Lakhota Museum exhibits certain statues of Shri Ranjit Singh Ji and carved stones with floral patterns on them.

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If you are planning a trip then you should have a trip to Gujarat. Actually, a trip to Gujarat should be on your must-have list. There are several attractions which attract people from the different corners of the world but one of such attractions is Lakhota museum and palace. The countless people visit the place every year so as to know about the history of Jamnagar. As this place consists of the historical facts about the Jamnagar, so it should be must have. The beautiful the place is present next to the Ranmal Lake or Lakhota lake.

The locals of the city also know this place as a Ranmal museum because this place was constructed by the king of the place, Jan Ranmal. The place is jazzed up with the artifacts, belonging to 18th or 19th century. The beautifully carved walls of the museum are lit up with the frescos and beautiful paintings.

The construction of this place was purposeful. The soldiers used to take shelter in this place whenever they were threatened by the attacks of enemies. Apart from this, the place is also popular for the bird watching. The people who love birds used to visit this place frequently. Thousands of birds can be seen at this place because the birds reside at this place in their migratory period. About 75-80 bird species can be seen in the migratory time, every year. The locals of Jamnagar also visit the place to enjoy the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.

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