Muslims Shrine in Gujarat

The word Islam means “to present the will of God” and religion means “peace, mercy, forgiveness and faith in a God who is at the top, which is eternal”. India is nation where one can find people of all religion. Here both Hindus and Muslim leave with love.  In the Gujarat state there are many Hindu temples as well as Muslim Dargah.  From the southern parts of northern India, some pilgrims can bow down or even get water. Find below some detail about the top mosques in Gujarat.

Haji Peer Dargah, Kutch

This Dargah is located in the Kutch area of the Gujarat. It is a famous saint’s temple, which is known as Haji Pir. He takes care of the old cows of villages. He used to save those cows which were removed by local goons and dacoits. Local people called him Haji Pir and Jinda Pire. Here people believe that Haji visits Peer Dargah and fulfills a wish that is true. Haji Pir is a strategic and culturally important temple.

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