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If you are looking for an interesting, picturesque and beautiful location for your next holiday, consider visiting the Narmada Tent City, located in the most beautiful State of Gujarat, in India. The tent city is not only utterly beautiful but also boasts of being located in one of the most industrialized and developed cities in the country.When will the tent city be open? Unlike other tourist attractions, the Narmada Tent City will remain open through the year and is an absolutely wonderful tourist attraction. Although not completed yet, the project that is still being constructed is scheduled to have many tents alongside other beautiful and scenic features such as fountains, flowing water and other entertainment and fun and games. It is also chalked up to have adventure sports, and the rent for the Tent City will remain affordable to ensure that every family in the country can enjoy themselves at this wonderful attraction.

Types of shelters available:

  1. Luxury tents: A few luxury tents for those who really want luxury and who are willing to pay a slight premium;
  2. 75 Deluxe Shelters;
  3. 75 Luxurious shelters;
  4. 100 Standard shelters;

With the stunning displays of music and water, there is also scheduled to be a great sound and light show within the Narmada Tent City. It is also chalked up to have various adventure sports such as rafting, boating, canoeing, treks, and paragliding ensuring that not only can the elders of the family enjoy the scenic beauty of the Narmada Tent City, but also that the youngsters have something to experience and enjoy themselves with as well. A Gujarat Tour is absolutely incomplete without a visit to the now famous and gorgeous Narmada Tent City.

What are the plans for the Narmada Tent City?

The Narmada Tent City, apart from being a gorgeous destination for tourism, is also chalked up to reduce noise and sound pollution and help in the maintenance of the environment. Further, post the inauguration, the tent city will also provide livelihood and social infrastructure to a lot of families in the state of Gujarat. If you are planning to visit Gujarat, ensure that the Narmada Tent City is included as a part of your Gujarat Package.

Sunrise and Sunset at the Narmada Tent City

Apart from the stunning culture, adventure and views that the Narmada Tent City provides for the tourists, the sunset and sunrise over the beautiful and stunning river Narmada Dam is something that every person should experience at least once in their lifetimes. It will blow your mind away.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Gujarat, or if you are looking for a unique and fun way to enjoy with your family while also ensuring that your entire family stays safe and is guaranteed of a phenomenal time, then visiting Narmada Tent City is the ideal way to go. Unlike anything is ever seen before in India, the Narmada Tent City is certain to capture memories and experiences for you and your entire group that will last you an entire lifetime.

Statue of Unity



The Statue of Unity is devoted to Indian freedom development pioneer Vallabhai Patel situated in Gujarat, India. It is viewed as the world tallest statue and is double the measure of the statue of Liberty, and is found somewhere in the range of 200 km from the focal city, Ahmedabad. The correct area of the symbol is at Sadhu Bet, close Sardar Sarovar Dam, Garudeshvar weir. The statue is worked with the image of the nation’s solidarity and trustworthiness, and that is the reason it is known as the statue of Unity. For all of these reasons, the Statue of Unity is amongst the most stunning creations in the modern world today.

The Sardar Sarovar Dam

sardar sarovar dam

Second Largest Dam In The World – The Sardar Sarovar Dam, One of the most beautiful things that anyone can witness in their lives is watching the effects of cascading water, and being surrounded by beautiful water across vast expanses. Humans from times immemorial have been enthralled by water, and are fascinated by structures that hold water such as lakes, catchments, and ponds. Some say this is an evolutionary trait, to gravitate towards the water and find it beautiful as it provided for us in the past, but water is still amongst the most beautiful and stunning things that a human being can witness. For all these reasons the Narmada Sarovar dam continues to enchant and enthrall the thousands of visitors that it experiences every day.

Where is Narmada Tent City located and how to reach it?


The Statue of Unity and the Narmada Tent City are located at the Sadhu Bet hill facing the Sardar Sarovar dam near rajpipla. If you are planning to visit the Tent City or the Statue or the dam, ensure to inquire about a comprehensive Gujarat tour Package that includes all three attractions for you and your loved ones to visit as a part of your tour.

A Gujarat package will ideally include these three attractions that are well on their way to becoming a global attraction today. In order to reach the Narmada tent city, one can:

  1. Travel about a total of 100kms from the city of Vadodara or a total of about 200kms from the city of Ahmedabad. In case one is traveling from Ahmedabad, they are required to begin their journey from NE1 taking the exit from NH48 or National Highway 64, post which follows Gujarat State Highway 11 and GJ SH63 up to NH953 until the reach the Statue of Unity Road. From Vadodara, one is required to start off from the route of Gujarat State Highway 11 until they reach the Gujarat State Highway 63 post which they can drive to the Statue of Unity road.
  2. Travel approximately a total of about 400kms from Mumbai.

The Narmada Tent City and the Statue of Unity can be easily navigated due to the plethora of instructions and boards placed for navigation.

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360° View Statue Of Unity

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