VADNAGAR is an antiquated city in Gujarat, India. Its known history backpedals to 2,500 B.C. Archaeological unearthing’s have built up that the settlement of principally farming group existed in the place over 4,500 years back. Ceramics, materials pieces, adornments, devices, and so forth. were found amid these unearthings from different locales around the present lake Sharmishtha. A few archeologists recommend that it was one of the numerous Harappan sites. Vadnagar in Gujarat is the main town in India that has been in presence constantly from the sixth century BCE, and this was most likely made conceivable by a fortress divider that archeological proof proposes was first worked amid the Mauryan period. Vadnagar is the origin of PM Narendra Modi.


Vadnagar is known for some stunning sanctuaries – HatkeshwarMahadev, Jain sanctuaries, Temple of Ashapuri Mata, Temple of Amther Mata, Nag Dharo and Nag Temple, Amarkund and Mahakaleshwar Mahadev sanctuary and can be thoroughly explored through Gujarat Package.

The most effective method to arrive

By street: Mehsana (47km), Ahmedabad (111km). Nearby Transport: Non-metered auto rickshaws.  By rail: Siddhapur is a railroad station on Ahmedabad – New Delhi railroad line, 42 km from Vadnagar. * By air: The closest air terminal is Ahmedabad (111km).It falls under Mehsana area of Gujarat. – Vadnagar is specified regularly in the Puranas as a rich and thriving town.

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