Gujarat has the longest coastline in the country. In the midst of enticing the mind, in the middle of the resort, along with the shaded temple and the Blue Lagoon, there are some of the best in the country in Gujarat. With the unique confluence of nature, history and religious monuments, Gujarat is the most important tourist destination in the Indian subcontinent.

Gujarat calculates several springs between natural landscapes that define the landscape. Some of them are known as historic sites while others make an aura around them. A look and passengers will be forced to transfix for hours.

  • Gira Waterfalls
  • Hathni Mata
  • Ninai Waterfall
  • Zarwani Falls
  • Zarwani Waterfall
  • Jamjir Waterfall
  • Trambak Falls
  • Girmal Falls

Cannot be the highest, however, Gujarat has a bunch of beautiful waterfalls. The best time to see waterfalls in Gujarat is the month of monsoon because they are all in their full glory. Anyone can easily spend a day looking at the springs that are rotating and soak in its natural beauty. Plan to travel to Gujarat to embrace the ancient beauty of nature.

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