People of Gujarat

Modern Gujarat features a varied population. The population comprises of along the local Gujarat people and additionally refugees from alternative Indian states. The Gujarat people communicate 3 Indian local ‘languages’ that are Urdu, Gujarati and Sindhi. Gujarati non-standard conversation has subversions of 11 linguistic. The linguistic difference depends on ecological aspects.

Gujarat features of a rich culture and heritage. The people of Gujarat are generally known as Gujaratis and the main language spoken by them is Gujarati. Gujarat is a growing state in all areas and as a result, people from different areas of India have settled here for various reasons like business, knowledge, etc. Though with changing times the state has blossomed and is on the way of development, its people are highly limited by their ancient value system.

Gujarat still has a number of tribes like Jats, Harijans, Ahirs, Rabaris, etc. Where the Jats are thought to be herdsmen of Sindh, Ahirs are said to be the descendants of Lord Krishna. Meghwal people were known as the Harijans by Mahatma Gandhi. Initially, from Marwar, Harijans are known for their exclusive handiworks. Compared with other tribe people of Gujarat, the Rabaris are nomads and have their own unique way of life. The women amongst all the communities are basically housewives, who spend their time looking after their children and house.

The Gujarat people have an enviable social diversity which is clearly shown among the festivals of the state.