An Enormous store of flora and fauna: Ecosystem of Gujarat

A plethora of varied environments that flourish in different landforms of Gujarat is the reason behind the presence of various kinds of wildlife here. A great variety of flora and fauna is found basically different environments. In order to conserve such a good wildlife of Gujarat, a variety of National Parks and Sanctuaries have been created over time.

The geography of Gujarat features having a variety of flora and fauna which are spread throughout its length and breadth. Gujarat is covered with different kinds of landforms that have given birth to multiple environments like grasslands, waterways, lakes, dry and deciduous forests and profuse vegetation etc that support a good and unique wildlife.

In Gujarat, one can find as many as 500 different types of animals, more than 2000 different types of birds, a variety of insects, fish, amphibians, lizards, etc. – this aspect, indeed, makes Gujarat rich in terms of flora and fauna.

The National Parks and Sanctuaries of Gujarat of Gujarat are home to rare and vulnerable different types of animals and plants, which forms the superb wildlife of Gujarat. In fact, it has one of the major forests in India, i.e. the Gir forests which has the highest variety of Asian lions. Incredible!

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