Music of Gujarat

Gujarat, especially Saurashtra has a rich lifestyle in music. Gujarat has given some of the best musicians to India. The range and vividness of the folk music in the state is witness to the fact that Gujarat has prospered as a cultural state in all these years.

Gujarat is quite famous and well known for its dynamic traditions of classical and folk music. They are the core of Gujarat. The standard lifestyle of Gujaratis with their traditional music and dancing type of Garba, Garbi, Raas and other are well known and finds fascination to visitors. Raas and Garba dancing forms are said to have been passed on by Lord Krishna, who spent his childhood at Gokul while he performed the flute.

Gujarat is a state of music fans and has created some of the best musicians of Indian. It is said that the famous artists Baiju Bawra and Tana Riri are part of situations itself. Folk songs, classical music and an array of unique distinctive classical have an exceptional feature with distinctive music variations.

A special wide range of music which can be classified as temple-music was indeed generated by the Vaishnava conspiracy in Gujarat. Areas like Charans and Gadhavis are some communities whose hereditary profession is music and arts have indeed done a lot to protect the custom of the folk music of Gujarat in its pure type itself.