Gujarat at a Glance

Due to many values coexisting in the state, Gujaratis believe in various Gods and Actresses. Adopting different religious faiths, Gujaratis illustrate an exciting mix of Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism. This amalgamation of cultures is true in their values, traditions, customs, institutions, and methods. The natives display a comprehensive way of life due to the perfect system of learning, a combination of religious practices and growth of artistic traits. The cow is considered the mother God and hence worshipped devotedly by them. The majorly celebrated ceremonies of Gujaratis consist of birth, thread ceremony, marriage and death. All the traditions are done by the highly rated Brahmans.

Even with comprehensive modernization, Gujarat and its people have been able to protect the rich way of life and tradition of the standard past. Well known for their colourful costumes, the people of Gujarat – prominently known as ‘Gujaratis’ – show a very warm and friendly nature and the ‘untouched’ simplicity about them constitute a fundamental part of the beautiful Culture of Gujarat. Gujarat features of an extremely rich Art Architecture and Culture, which is shown in the day-to-day lives of the local population. The friendly and serenity adoring Gujaratis are well known for their issue and passion for all life types.

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