Marine National Park

The area of ​​Marin National Park, established in the state of Jamnagar is 163 square kilometres. In the tropical region, the mangrove tree species are found in the seafront and marshland land, whereas partially parallel forests are also found. Here are the main species of sea cow, green skin turtle, Kharapani crocodile, Olive Ridley Goh, main. Spirits, water moults, phase etc. are found in birds normally.

This is one of Best Park in India, and this park is truly worth seeing. Founded in the year 1982, it is operated by the Forest Department of Gujarat and it contains about 42 islands, which are covered with many coral-pallets. It is made of beautiful but delicate ecosystem, where you will find a picturesque forest filled with rare and colourful creatures under water. Unfortunately due to delay, the diversity of the park is at risk, thanks to the oil refineries, the extraction of sand and coral for the cement industry, mechanized boats for fishing and the increasing deterioration of water.

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