Jamnagar Tour Package

Jamnagr Tour and sightseeing places in Gujarat

Jamnagar is a tropical town. It is also known as Saurashtra. The town of Jamnagar, in Gujarat, is known to have a few of the uncommon Temples in India. Hence, every year visitors from around the globe head the town in large numbers to have a look at the best gifts of history. Among these are visited by the tourists from various parts of India and the world.

In the heart of the town, there is a fort among the lake while the coastal area is covered with an oil refinery, which is biggest in the globe, beaches and spectacular Marine National Park. With wonderful Rajput structure and breathtaking coastline, Jamnagar is Gujarat’s lesser-known gems. There are several destinations and locations to see in Jamnagar but one place that rules the old town is the Lakhota Fort, the original seat of Jamnagar ruler and Ranmal Lake, which encompasses the fort.

One can also visit the nearby beaches like Narara beach, Balachadi beach, and Madhi beach to delight in the sun or for long walks. Jamnagar is a combination of historical sites and natural beauty, with a healthy sprint of spectacular sites tossed in. From lakes to places to gardens to museums, Jamnagar has a lot to offer to visitors.

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