A Detail About Wild life in Gujarat

Gujarat is full of flora and fauna. There are various underground water, dry deciduous forests to majestic grasslands, wetlands, marine ecosystems and rich moist deciduous forests. This has made the state as suitable for the home of rare wildlife species. Some of the rare species protected by various wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat. These rare animals make India’s wildlife heritage. Therefore, in Gujarat the National Park is doing its best to save these creatures from the danger of extinction. One can take benefits of Gujarat Package to know about wildlife of Gujarat

Black Buck National Park

Black Buck National Park is located in Velvadar, 72 km away from Bhavnagar Airport in Gujarat. It was established in the Bhart region of Saurashtra and spread to an area of ​​34.08 sq km and proper grassland ecosystem.

Marine National Park

Marine National Park is India’s first marine park. It is located in the Gulf of Kutch, which belongs to Junagadh district of Gujarat. It covers area of ​​162.89 sq. Km. There is an islands of 42 islands in the Gulf of Kutch which comes in the protected area.

Wild Ass Sanctuary

Wild Ass Sanctuary is located in the Rann of Kutch area of ​​Gujarat. The sanctuary is also known as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, and it covers an area of ​​4953 square kilometers.

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