Gandhinagar Gujarat Tour

Gandhinagar Tour and sightseeing Places

Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, provides an excellent cultural heritage, wonderful temples and peaceful atmosphere to all its guests.

Gandhinagar, one of India’s few organized locations involves Akshardham Temple, one of the country’s most breathtaking temples. Among other destinations are an enthralling Children’s Park and exclusively designed stepwell. The sacred locations in Gandhinagar like the Hanumanji Temple and the Brahmani Temple which in spite of not being so popular, are also worth going to for an enhancing experience.

The town is known as after the Father of the Nation, “Mahatma Gandhi”. It is a major centre of learning in Gujarat. Many academic institutions have emerged in the town, which provides knowledge in different areas like science, medicine and engineering.

History lovers also like Gandhinagar due to its strong connection with Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation. The Gandhi Ashram in the town is known as the centre of the sensor where freedom fighter used to gather and plot various national movements that took place during the colonial era.

If there is any place in Gujarat Package that is flourishing, cosmopolitan and comfortable, then it has to be Gandhinagar. One should visit Gandhinagar to witness a unique city, which is a good combination of history and culture.

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