History of Gujarat

The history of Gujarat that revisits to 3500 years can be recognized from the historical findings at Lothal near Dhandauka in Ahmedabad region and Razdi in Saurashtra. The earliest Stone Age settlements in Gujarat are situated on the edges of the South Asian zone. Some of these findings can be uncovered near Rajkot and Adamgarh, and also near the Gujarat-Madhya Pradesh border, Sabarmati and Mahi River in the south. The Indus Valley and Harappa civilization have been seen at Lothal, Rangpur, Amri, Lakhabaval and Rozdi. In 1954, these sites were found as one of the most amazing Indus Valley sites in India. It seemed probable that they came by sea, taking up a settlement that was already well-established before they colonized it.

The history of Gujarat is an illustrious one. The history of Gujarat state consists of a significant part of Indian historical texts. Gujarat discovers mention of historical traditional relics. The history of Gujarat involves the Indus Valley civilization. The history of Gujarat is stuffed with the souvenirs and associated relics of the ancient civilization. About 50 Harappan settlement ruins were found in Gujarat.

From Lothal to Dholavira to Junagadh to Champaner to Bhuj and Surat, you would have to do a lot of travelling to find out about the rich and vibrant history of this State.

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