Krishna Temple in Gujarat

Dwaraka city of Gujarat is the place where Lord Krishna lived in Dwarka town after leaving Mathura 5000 years ago. That is why it is a great pilgrimage in the eyes of Krishna devotees. Anyway Dwarka Nagari is one of the four Dhams of the country established by Adi Shankaracharya.


It is believed that the original temple at this place was built by Vajra Nabh. In time, the temple was expanded and restored. The present form of the temple was received in the 16th century. Its beauty is not appreciated. The big waves of the ocean rise and wash its edges in such a way that its feet are feverish. At first Mathura was the capital of Krishna. But he left Mathura and settled in Dwarka.

Temple of Rukmini

There is a temple of Rukmini in solitude, about 2 km away from Dwarkadhishaji Temple. It is said that due to the curse of Durvasa, they had to live in solitude. It is said that at that time the attacker coming from outside were terrified everywhere in India, because they used to attack the temples, but still after lots of attacks temple had not lost its natural beauty.

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