Literature of Gujarat

Literature gives the order to human experience. It examines social principles. Literature in Gujarat appears for its Fictional custom in the form of folk music, stories, cinema and aphorisms. Traced back to the Sultanate period, the stories and messages progressed as they passed through years, leaving behind versions of myth and legends. The early literary journey began in Gujarat way back during the 11th Century when Trade and commerce affected Hinduism and Jainism. Before Gujarati appeared in its own language identification, the works were especially in Sanskrit and Prakrit ‘languages’.

Gujarati literature has prospered after freedom. Sundaram’s Kavyamangala and yatra is major poetic works. Umashankar Joshi is another great writer who’s Vishwashanti, on the life and work of Gandhi, and Saptapadi is well-known poetic works. The drama has flourished with K.M. Munshi, Joshi Jayanti Dalal and others doing much to determine the value of one-act plays.

Literature prospered with modernity as creations indicate new age thinking, social welfare, criticism, plays, patriotism, state policies, religious, management, facts, fiction and stories, etc. In the current situation, Literature in Gujarat with Gujarati Literature is no more limited to the Gujarati language as English Literature has joined the domain. Gujarat has more and more Literature Authors going into multilingual writing and English Literature writers getting to Gujarati translated editions.