Image result for BEACHES IN GUJARATGujarat is the most delightful province of India with the nation’s longest coastline of 1,666 km. The state is home to numerous beautiful beaches and sanctuary. These beaches assist you with enjoying your occasions near mother land. One can enjoy the best and world-class water sports activities on the beaches of Gujarat and it’s the perfect spot for the water lovers. There are various beaches like Mandvi Beach, Beyt Dwarka, Chorwad Beach, Diu Beach, Ghoghla Beach ,Dwarka Beach, Gopnath Beach, Madhavpur Beach, Somnath Beach, Nagoa Beach and Pingleshwar Beach are among the  beautiful beaches one can enjoyed thoroughly.Diu Island is among the most loved spot and this small island is momentous clean and is spotted with different historic points like posts and houses of worship. It also offers a variety of other outdoor activities like swimming,parasailing and surfing.

There are numerous great reasons, why individuals pick Gujarat as a goal for water sports; one is its beautiful beaches. Tourists can enjoy several water sports activities like surfing, water skiing, fly skiing, parasailing, cruising, and speed drifting. For those, who don’t know how to swim can go for water engine bike riding. Beaches of Gujarat are sprinkled with numerous sanctuaries too with Gujarat Tour Package one can enjoy and explore Somnath sanctuary, Gopnath Mahadev Temple and Koteshwar Temple in Gujarat are situated by the shore.

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