Gujarat has conquerors-and amalgamated their cultures as well as it has seen a succession of races-settlers into its own. The combination of new ideas and old world traditions has been seen here over the ages.

The Indian state of Gujarat is the pilgrimage centre of Hindu and Muslim. It also plays the role of hosting Buddhist pilgrimages. In some of the famous Buddhist literature books such as Milinda Panha, Indriya Jataka, Petavatthu, etc, one can find the traces of the Saurashtra, which is a region in Gujarat.  In the year 640 AD, by Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang, the earliest archaeological evidence of Buddhism presence found in Gujarat. At Atali, Bharuch, Valabhi, Kheta, Anandapura and Saurashtra, Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang noted that here is the presence of 200 monasteries housing 10,000 monks. To enjoy Buddhist Culture book your Gujarat Tour Package Today.

Vadnagar, Devnimori, and Junagadh are some of the famous towns of Gujarat and here one can found many Buddhism monasteries, temples and hills.  Gujarat was once major Buddhism hub as here you will see many ancient monasteries, stupas and caves which reflect Buddhism. To promote Buddhist tourism, many international conferences are organizing. By Gujarat Tourism highlighting the contribution of Buddhism and its philosophy, multiple programs were also started. On a Buddhist pilgrimage tour to Gujarat, enjoy sightseeing of stunning and unique shrines, temples and caves.

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