Land of festivals: Dance of Gujarat

The beautiful state of Gujarat is also hugely well-known as the “Land of festivals”. This is because of the truth that this state enjoys an enormous collection of celebrations and each and every event looks like a great show. People from this state carry out some really traditional dances which are based on their traditions and rich culture. There are various dance forms from this state which are well-known across the world; hope you heard of Garba and Dandiya. Some of these folk dance forms are age-old.

Gujarati Dance

Since Gujarati people are quite enthusiastic and friendly, they have many traditional forms of dance. The four significant types of dancing are Dandiya Raas, Garba, Padhar, and Garbi.

Dandiya Raas is conducted by both men and women and utilizes movement of bamboo sticks, known as Dandiyas. It has historical origins and was considered to be performed by the beloved Gopis of Lord Krishna.

Garba is usually conducted by the women in a circular formation. It is conducted with respect to the elegant form of the divinity. Garbi is typically conducted by only the men and features the use of equipment like dhol and manjiras. Padhar is mainly conducted by the non-urban areas.

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