About Rukmini Devi Temple     rukmini-temple

Have you ever been to Dwarka city? Dwarka is famous for enclosing the number of temples and Rukmini Devi temple is one of the temples in the city. The Rukmini devil temple, Dwarka is situated only 1-2 kilometers away from the main city. This temple has a strong belief according to which, once the Rukmini and Lord Krishna went to the place of Durvasha in order to give an invitation for dinner. After this, the Rukmini got thirsty and Lord Krishna prodded his toe into the search which results in a strong of the holy river, ‘Ganga’.

Rukmini drank the water without offering to the Durvasha. In return, Durvasha caused the Rukmini and said, you will get separated from your loving husband which got true later. The temple is famous for the beautifully carved exterior walls of the temple. You can reach the temple by walking on the road for 5-10 minutes or you can take the rickshaw also.

According to some beliefs, Lord Krishna stays with family at this place and bless their devotees. This is the only reason which attracts a lot of devotees of Lord Krishna to this place. Though this belief is not supported by the facts or any proof but still, a lot of people strongly believe it. Though the number of devotees is already high at this place but this count suddenly increases in the time of Janamashtmi. Another belief about this temple is, the Radha and Rukmini are same or the souls is same but the names are different.

360° view Rukmini Devi Temple, Dwarka