Different tribal in Gujarat and their Culture

There are 5 million people in the tribal in Gujarat. The tribal converts 50% of the total population of Gujarat. Below are some of tribal in Gujarat

  1. Bhil of tribal in Gujarat: Bhil tribes in Gujarat ruled over the Chhota Udaipur, Rajpipla and Sagbara region. They are consider as one of the oldest tribal in Gujarat
  2. Barda Tribes of Gujarat: The Barda basically related to the hilly area. Because these people are from the hilly area so they are know n by name Barda. It is believed that they are not from Gujarat but come from Khandesh region.
  3. Bawcha Tribes of Gujarat: there is very less information about this group in history and there is no written evidence available in history about their existence but is believed that their origin is from Pandav dynasty.
  4. Halpati Tribes of Gujarat: Halpati basically denote the word ‘thin’, even although physical they are heavy. They assert to be the children of the Rajputs and now belong to Gujarat
  5. Rabari Tribes of Gujarat: It is one of the wealthy Tribes of Gujarat. Rabari are people who are known because of their rules and regulations.
  6. Kunbi Tribes of Gujarat: Kunbi means sprout extra seeds from one seed. This society people call themselves as Kunbi and others also are familiar with them as the same.

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