Christianity is considered as an alternative religion in the Indian state of Gujarat. But in this state, a majority of Hindus found here. Gujarat Diocese of Church of North located here. Besides this, many more churches like the Gandhinagar Roman Catholic archdiocese, the Ahmedabad roman catholic diocese, the Baroda roman catholic diocese, the Ahmedabad orthodox diocese also situated here.

Here one can also found Indian national full gospel churches federation. Other famous churches in the state of Gujarat are church of Christ in Vadodara, Methodist church in Ahmedabad, st. francis Xavier Catholic church in Ahmedabad, st. james church in Baroda and many more. Book your Gujarat Tour Package today.

Here is some famous church list which is in Gujarat.

Church Of Christ in Vadodara

The best government Registered found in Gujarat is Church of Christ in Vadodara. It is also considered as an organization. For address, the word of God and for performing spiritual recites, this Church has all the legal rights. This is considered as one of the famous Churches in Gujarat.

Methodist Church in Maninagar

Methodist Church is located in Maninagar. The people and the employees working here believe that Jesus Christ is the God and Saviour. Things like Prayer, Bible study, Holy Communion, Fellowship and preaching on responsible giving performed by this Methodist Church. It is also one of the best churches in Gujarat.

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