Gujarat Museum – View of Culture and Lifestyle of Gujarat

The Gujarat Museum will provide you an important insight into the culture and lifestyle of Gujarat. Every museum in Gujarat has important artifacts, miniature paintings and other daily use items in Gujarat. In Gujarat there are many Museum and each one has its own theme. Every Museum in Gujarat represents the culture of state.

Sabarmati Ashram

This Museum was set up by Mahatma Gandhi and he started his journey for freedom from this Ashram .The ashram was the home of Mahatma Gandhi in Sabarmati. This place is surrounded by trees. At present one can view different things related to Mahatma Gandhi in this Museum.

Calico Museum of Clothing

The museum displays a large collection of cloth, which are collected from all over the country. It represents about the clothes business of Gujarat. Here one can see different fountains and green garden

In spite of these Museums there are also lot of many other Museums which explain the beauty and culture of the Gujarat. Gujarat Package is best way to enjoy Gujarat tour. So if you want to know more about Gujarat and its culture then you must visit Museum of the Gujarat because they actually represent the Gujarat

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