Mandvi Tour Packages Sightseeing Places in Gujarat

Mandvi is situated on financial institutions of the Rukmavati stream, only one km away from the Arabian Sea at the Beach of Kutch. The first thing a lot of individuals think of when they check out Mandvi sees the beach. Mandvi Seaside is the nearest to the city middle, across the link to the eastern part of the stream, then in the future previous an area known as Salaya, utilized from just near the Kashi-Vishvanath Forehead.

Mandvi is a busy little place with a shipbuilding garden where thousands of men build, by hand, wooden beauties for faraway Arab merchants.  Those who want to discover something unique can go to the bank of Rukmavati River, where they can see handcrafted wooden ships stand at the Tower of Wagers, where once wealthy shipowner used to collect, looking forward to the return of the trading fleet from East Africa, and bet on whose would appear first. During the bygone era, Mandvi was protected with a fort that had 8 m high walls with private and 25 bastions. Currently, this wall is almost damaged, but the bastion on the southwestern region is the largest and still acts as a lighthouse. Little away from the Mandvi beach is the Vijay Vilas Palace, which is now a hotel and is known for its amazing architecture. One should take a tour of all these locations for an unforgettable trip to Mandvi.

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